Boating on the Wey Navigation in Surrey

-::- Access Statement -::-

THROUGH OUR YARD. Access to our departure/arrival points is along hard-packed ground along the towpath, and through our yard with minimum gradients.

PARTY BOAT 'MARY PORTER'. Access to the deck of the boat from the bank is by way of a 2-rise step at a gradient of approximately 45°, with a height of about 350mm. Access from the deck to the inside of the boat is down a 5-step staircase at a gradient of approximately 45°, with a height of about 900mm.

Grab handles and handrails are provided at appropriate points and assistance from staff is always available.

Access for wheelchair users is therefore limited, but not impossible where the user and assistants have experience of steps of this nature. Alteratively there is space on the back deck for one wheelchair and occupant. Please advise us in advance should one of your party be in a wheelchair.

The seating inside the boat is movable and therefore space can be created for passengers in wheelchairs.

DAY BOAT 'No.1'. Access from the towpath is a single large step up of about 280mm. From the deck to the inside, descent is by way of 4 steps at a gradient similar to ladders. A grab rail is provided.

Floor space inside is flat and level with the exception of a small bulkhead (approx 30mm) between the aft and forward sections of the boat. Space to move about in the forward section is more limited by the presence of the table.

HOLIDAY BOAT 'KELPIE'. Access to the back deck is a single large step from the bank. Internal access is gained via a step well in the deck, and through the narrow, low back door. Once inside, she is flat and level throughout with a minimum corridor width of about 600mm, and headroom of about 6' 4".

Please feel free to call or visit us to discuss your individual requirements, or for further information.